Grammar Songs


Theme song to the book. The message: Words matter, be kind, don’t use words to hurt, and practice writing every day.

Plumdiggity!™ 2

Same song but this version will bring a chuckle because of the voice.


Tongue Twisters Teach! Jazzy little tune you will love.

Comma Song

Elevate the comma with this melody by James Taylor!

Dr. Dot

Students love Dr. Dot. Build ending punctuation habits with Dr. Dot.


Sing along to this happy song for a creative brainstorming session.

Mark Exclamation Song

Expression of emotion in writing- that’s Mark Exclamation!

The Noun Song

Enjoy this catchy musical explanation of common and proper nouns.

Revise and Revision

Play this slow bluesy song often when encouraging re-writes.

Run In Place

If your students need a break for some activity, this is your go-to song!

Run On Song

To the tune of California Dreaming, this song brings musical awareness to going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and.

Take Your Time and Open Your Mind

To the melody of Route 66, an awesome song filled with vocabulary, dreaminess, and imagination.
Many thanks to Chris Foster for the music magic of these Plumdiggity! songs.