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PLUMDIGGITY! Engaging Students with ZEST!

PLUMDIGGITY! Engaging Students with ZEST!

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Plumdiggity! Developing Student Writers was developed to teach
and engage both the reluctant and the eager writer.
Whether for home, classrooms, or after-school writing clubs, the 400+ activities
develop writing skills and help students achieve ELA standards.

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Student engagement is achieved through:
Visual appeal, variety, wordplay, humor, illustration, music and a splash of zaniness.

Shoes on My Head

shoes on my head

Shoes are a fantastic descriptive exercise (Thank you Raedeane Nelson) with a geography lesson on the tongue tag. Balancing a shoe on one’s head is fun and wacky, but the sole purpose is to provide an exercise in stillness, always a step in the right direction! Why get tied up in knots over a writing assignment? On the heels of this activity, daily footsteps will be forever viewed as an eye opening experience in close observation. Tripping over one’s writing insecurities must be overcome! Writing insecurity is fraught with too many roadblocks. Lace up confidence with encouragement, lots of practice, and a bit of fun.

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My Shoe

Who knew a shoe
of blacks and blues
could walk the beat
of description breakthrough
Colors, patterns, soles, design
Study a shoe for the very first time
Look at a shoe
There’s travel for you
China, Indonesia, and India too
So much info on a tag
Sizes, metrics, zig and zag
Focused stillness
Shoes on heads
Watch it spread

Mazie’s Letter



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