Last year I began to draw and am so happy to put the drawings to use in Creative Writing Club. Pictures accelerate imagination.

Turtle Bill and Jack- Nyal Khan

I give only three instructions: 

1.  Use your imagination and write a story about this Turtle that I name Turtle Tom, but you can use any name you want because it’s your story.

2. Create a problem in the story that is solved in the end.

3.  Listen to your imagination because it will make a story for you, but if it’s not coming and you want to write facts about turtles, that is fine also.

The happiest comment I heard today was disbelief at the time. “What?  Only 15 more minutes left?” 

When time flies, imagination is steering the clock and there is no time! That is a beautiful thing!


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Lori Sugarman, M.Ed.
Author of Plumdiggity! Developing Student Writers