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Today in Writers Club we had the privilege of hearing a 3rd grader describe the grossness of what kissing is all about. Click on the link for a hearty laugh.  It reminds me that children go through a metamorphosis just as much as butterflies… but what doesn’t change is the nature of childhood… a natural time of creativity and imagination if we give them the time and space to explore that.  Carving out time. Slowing time to the crawl of a caterpillar…

I like to collect brochures (many many brochures) when stopping at state rest stops and use them in Writers Club.   Today I passed out a Giraffe Farm Brochure, scissors and glue (they shared beautifully considering I had one glue stick and 3 pairs of scissors for 11 kids).  It was full of giraffe photos and information.  They were asked to write up a description of the farm, the giraffes, or write a story and cut up the brochure however they wanted to illustrate.   This gives them layout and design experience.  Sometimes I feel like a butterfly floating in Writers Club.  There’s a certain magic in the room.  Time stops.   We all loose track of time.   An hour zips away. It is a privilege to watch the emergence of your children’s intellect, written expression, and right brain creative processes at work.   I’m in the garden of  Works in Progress.  Their sunshine is encouragement.  They don’t have to be butterflies to soar.

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