Plumdiggity! Developing Student Writers is a two book set, one student edition and one teacher edition. With over 400+ writing activities, 25+poems, 12  frolicky songs and song lyrics. Plumdiggity puts the zest back into your teach and your student or child’s learning.

The pages and activities of Plumdiggity provide a solid balance of imagination and heart with the mechanics of writing. Mechanics are necessary; so is some heart and imagination. If you are looking to improve student writing skills, jump into some Plumdiggity!

A student who is constantly hearing he has “bad” handwriting perceives this to mean “I can’t write” and that becomes his belief. We are what we think! Build up the compliments of their thinking and ideas more so than the challenge of messy handwriting.   I often have to ask a student to read what they wrote because it is illegible.   I want to validate their thinking.  When they are validated, the motivation to improve handwriting will follow.

“Why did you name a writing book, Plumdiggity?” is a question I am often asked.

The short answer is I have a friend who loves words as much as I do.  One day we w

ere playing around with the word “plum” – because the Adventures of Penelope Sugarplum and Slim is going to be released soon and we got into a plum back and forth. Before you could blink, plumdiggity came out.  It’s a swirly twirly word.  You can play with your voice and change it up.   Wait till you hear the song Plumdiggity!

I say, cheers to some learning fun.

Enjoy the website, the book, the songs, the services, and the pages of Plumdiggity!