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Good reading instruction should be connected to how children think at different ages. During the concrete stages of ages 7 – 11, children think logically. They want yes or no, black or white, and spare the grey! Yet reading “rules” that many feel compelled to deliver requires abstract, propositional logic.
“Sometimes it’s this, sometimes it’s that, sometimes it’s something else.” An example of this is the “I before E rule.” I before E except after C or when sounded as A as in neighbor or weigh.

We have experienced this logic in the Covid pandemic as information and understanding evolve. Sometimes it affects people this way, sometimes it’s that way, and sometimes it’s something else. Children aren’t the only ones who want black and white answers. But instead of clogging memory with rules and exceptions, strengthen memory to visually rehearse the “picture” of the word’s spelling. Sing the letters. Jump the letters. Write the letters. Clap the letters. Rules with exceptions clog memory.

Building a foundation of confidence and success creates positive attitude and develops a child into a reader. Three letter words have predictable pronunciation and can provide the young reader those successes. That is about all that is predictable in word spelling. This is why Plumdiggity created Mr. Bratty Word, a concrete character who is at fault for all of the ridiculous ways words are spelled. A child can blame Mr. Bratty Word, and not feel that he himself is dumb for not understanding why thought is not spelled thawt.

Mr. Bratty Word

Mr. Bratty Word gets to absorb all the blame for confusion of letter combinations. It’s his fault, not the child’s fault or lack of understanding. Trust me, I’ve worked with enough children to know how they think.

1. When they don’t understand something, they think they are dumb.
2. They don’t like to ask questions in class, because that shows they don’t understand and therefore they are dumb.
3. They become swirled in confusion and it spirals into an “I don’t care” attitude.
4. Attitude is the most important factor in learning to read.
5. Positive attitude comes from successes.
6. A foundation of confidence creates “I can do this no matter how hard” in any skill.

Create reading confidence with our word lists for initial sounds A-Z and vowels A-E-I-O-U. The illustrations add a pleasant experience

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