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Build writing skills with this comprehensive standards – based writing, reading and thinking program. Plumdiggity! lowers writing resistance and improves writing attitude with cartooning, imagination, graphics and music.

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Skill Building
in Plumdiggity!

Memory – Song and Poem Memory Chart

Writing Foundations

• Punctuation and Capitalization
• Word Function
• Sentences Paraphrasing Run-ons
• Writing Introductions

Literary Development

• Short stories and readings throughout
• Song and Poem Interpretation
• Idioms, Metaphors, Similes, Personification

Structured Writing Chapters

• Narratives
• Opinions
• Informational
• Creative Writing

Scaffold Instruction

• Demonstrate, Apply, Reinforce

Spelling – Mr. Bratty takes confusion blame

Teacher Edition– ELA standards included for each chapter

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