Plumdiggity Sing with Me

This purchase includes:

✓ 26 song stories of characters A to Z
✓ Bonus song! The Sound Song Boogie
✓ Digital access to music plus a CD
✓ 64-page songbook including color illustrations
✓ Adults and kids love these unique sing-a-long tunes

24.95 –  Book & Music


Never has such adorability in children’s music come together in one collection! Featuring lessons of friendship, kindness and whimsical adventure wrapped in ballads, blues, rock, rhythm, soul, county, salsa, jazz and more. The whole family will be singing together.
Enjoy the Sound Song Boogie

This 27 song collection includes the following:

Alligator Allie (sample)
Barney Buzzard
Curtis the Caterpillar
The Delaware River
Edison the Elephant
Finny Finn Finn (video with song)
Gordy the Goat
Happy Hilda
Inchworm Izzy

Jee Jolly Jeepers
Kerry Bear Koala
Lucy Lingalong
Monkey Monkey
Ollie Otter
Queen Quinella
Raccoon Jam

Silly Socks
Turtle Tom
Uh Oh it’s Starting to Rain
Victory Garden
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Yancy and her Yoyo
Zelda the Zebra
SoundSong Boogie

Plumdiggity Sing with Me Cover

Plumdiggity! A to Z Sing with Me!