plumdiggity rhyme with me-1

For children and students of all elementary ages! A practice in expressive reading – A book to have for parents, grandparents, and babysitters!
Fun – Playful – Educational

This purchase includes:

✓ 75 pages of poems and art
✓ 70 pages of activities
✓ Arranged A-Z – Fonts teach recognition
✓ Perfect for short attentions
✓ Whimsical and teachable
✓ Arouses curiosity
✓ Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary
✓ Rhythmatic language
✓ Many interactive poems, questions and activities
✓ Features: Poppin thru the USA-every state



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Plumdiggity rhyme with Me Cover with letter

Plumdiggity! A to Z Rhyme with Me! new

Plumdiggity! A to Z Rhyme with Me!