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Plumdiggity Read with Me is a series of 26 short stories for ages four to about 2nd grade. Third graders may enjoy reading the stories themselves.
Each book is an extension of its Plumdiggity Sing with Me song.

✓ In Apples for Lunch, Alligator Allie learns about swamps in her quest for apples.
✓ In Alligator Tooth Fairy, Allie helps the tooth fairy and learns a lot about teeth!
✓ In Buzzard School, Barney Buzzard sings but is laughed at by his buzzard mates because he’s different.
✓ In the Cat Cupcake Store, Curtis the Caterpillar encounters a bossy cat in a very strange store.
✓ Finny Finn Finn goes to school and helps write the Fishionary.
✓ In Land of Aroma, Queen Cinnamon and Queen Nex build a bridge to solve a problem.
✓ The Music Hall shares behind the scenes preparation for the big night at the Raccoon Jam.
✓ Wait till you learn what else is growing in the Victory Garden!

26 Stories featuring characters for the 26 songs of Plumdiggity! Sing with Me

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