After-School Plumdiggity!™
Creative Writing Semester for

2nd and 3rd
4th and 5th

Lori Sugarman, M.Ed. is a mother, writer, author, illustrator, poet and songwriter. She has developed writing skills and writing enthusiasm in students for the past 15 years in her afterschool creative writing program using music, cartooning, personification, humor, poems, and imagination. She welcomes both reluctant and enthusiastic student writers. As a practicing pediatric hypnotherapist, attitude, motivation, and confidence are always the underlying building blocks to developing student writers. Her goal is to motivate more writing in between classes- on their own- without you- You’re welcome!

Includes the 350 page book
Plumdiggity!™ Developing Student Writers.


The semester will include:

Captain Capitalization and Professor Punctuation
Self reflection
Opinion writing
Creative story writing
Letter writing
Developing detail in writing
Word Games
Music and Songs
Participation in Writing Competitions
developing student writers

Student Creative Writing Samples

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