Lullaby and Good Night

Enjoy a yearly subscription to nap and night time readings written to soothe children of all ages to sleep.

Included are dozens of good night poems and stories.

Additionally there are several recordings, for all ages, including adults, to help lull the toss and turning body and busy mind into a quiet, peaceful, still, deeply comfortable, safe, and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

These stories and recordings were created by Lori Sugarman, a pediatric and family hypnotherapist (

A special thanks to Chris Foster for always creating the perfect music.

Plumdiggity Sweet Dreams Cover

Sleep recordings:
Recording: Ages 3 – 6
Recording : Ages 7 – 10
Recording Ages: 11- 18
Recordings: Adults

Bedtime Readings:
The Crickets Lullaby • Sleepy Nature
Pearls of Love • Clippidy Cloppity
Queen Quiet • Sounds of Nighttime
Good night Sun • Drifting Deeper
Love is Always Everywhere • Moonbeam
Sheep • Yawn • Yawning Again

New ones added throughout the year.

Subscription: 49.95 year for unlimited access.

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