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Pumpkin Season Confession.  I trick-or-treated until getting married at age 28.   Went around to childhood neighborhood, disquised- though most of my friends' parents would say, "Hey Lori!" when they opened the door.  I loved going up to these houses.   So many memories-  first [...]

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Writers Club at Barnwell I had a choice.  Try to force my authority and insist Arol, a 2nd grade boy,  do SOMETHING of what I requested in writing club. Everything was No. No. No. I'm not doing that. No. No. No. So I said to [...]

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WORDS I admit I’m long-winded It’s never intended But words sometimes fail in succinctness It’s hard but I try To cut words and not cry I DON’T want your reading extinctness!   Plumdiggity SoundSongs 26 sounds  26 Letters  26 pages of illustrated words.   26 Songs  [...]

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