The Goal

Greetings from Lori Sugarman, aka Penelope Sugarplum.

Writing allows us to take note of things that may go unnoticed.  Writing is focused  attention and concentration with purpose.  Looking at an image. Thinking about it’s appearance. Does it stir any emotion?  Does it remind you of anything?  What describing words come to mind?  Does your imagination create a  ladybug story?    Taking a photo with a phone, has never been easier.   It has wonderful editing ability to magnify images.  It is easy to take a photo and move that into  language, thought, words and imagination.
Let me help your child/ tween/ teen develop his/ her written expression and skills.
The goal:   To have your child write outside of our meeting time.

The goal over time:

 To discover the outlet, the entertainment, the reward of taking time to thread words together to  express your eye’s observation, your thoughts, your opinion, your experience, your sadness, your exuberance.  I’ve never conducted a symphony, but joining the right words and phrases to capture what you attempt to express is akin to all the separate instruments of a symphony coming together in melodic harmony,  communicating as a whole because  each individual instrument  (word) is working together.

Writing allows the expression of personal emotion that may not be encouraged or social acceptable to speak.  Writing is an excepting, non-judgemental friend that helps you sort things out, just by virtue of writing it out.   It is a skill worth of developing.

Online creative writing classes begin after Labor Day

We are providing creative writing classes for grades 2-3rd, 4th-5th and 6-8th… because….
I love to “positize” your child’s writing attitude.
Many students too often over the years, ” You have terrible handwriting, You are not a good writer, You can’t write.”
While this may be true, kids internalize this to mean “I can’t write, I’m a bad writer and therefore I hate to write.”
Writing is just thinking in physical form.
Learning to write helps one learn to think.
I have worked with reluctant writers and enthusiastic writers for the past 20 years.
It is joyous to help someone think, “I can write,  My thoughts can be expressed, I am getting better, Writing is not so bad.”
For those who love to write,  our writing will fuel that interest.

Plumdiggity methods build a positive attitude and skills in written expresssion by:

Cartooning with grammar, punctuation and slogans
Answering “Would you Rather’s”
Expressing opinions and  experiences
Tapping creativity through imagination and short story ideas
Playing with words, wordplay, rhymes, word races
Selecting topics of INTEREST to various age groups for writing development
Short stories and illustration (and other writings) for magazine submission will be encouraged, if interested.

Fun Word Game for Home

We will be working with the book, Plumdiggity! Developing Student Writers.  Samples pages of the book can be found at
Classes begin the week after Labor Day, September 7 and run until Dec. 1 week.  12 Writing Sessions.
For info, please contact us at