Time will Tell

What stories will we tell 20 years from now about living through a pandemic?  Will we recall that everything we thought to be predictable turned inside out and upside down?  Will we have compassion or scorn leaders who stumbled in the dark trying to make wise decisions for something unknown?  Will the virus disappear like a flea though it came roaring in like a lion?

Will we recall the feeling of, “Will everything EVER return to normal?”

Will sports addicted tv and venue watchers have discovered other ways to occupy Time?

Will we appreciate how life was before the 70’s without organized activities afterschool that keep us driving beyond dinner hours?

Will we appreciate that the “rat race” came to a screeching halt?

Will we remember being surprised at how the go go go we always complained about is something that we really missed missed missed?

What I will be appreciative of around this sweeping tiny little covid bug that stopped a planet is Time.  Time presented itself as a little gift.

It was delivered to my doorstep at a time my children are grown and independent of my care so I had the chance to be hyper focused with Plumdiggity materials.

Had my children been young and at home with me, as many of yours are, I would have to manage their questions as well as mine.  I would have to present the world as normal as possible to keep their reality as normal in the abnormal as possible.

It reminds me of the movie Life is Beautiful where the father and son are in a Nazi concentration camp and the father fabricates a story about being in a game… to shield his son from fear.  Uncertainly is very hard for children but they are learning at a young age that when things aren’t predictable, to let go of the worry.  I hope you are finding a lot of ways to laugh with your children.  They need laughter and you do also.  Plumdiggity Rhyme with Me is quite zany.  The timing is right for zany, imagination and laughter… It’s better than the reality now!

I wish you sanity, grounding, and a BIG HUMONGOUS sense of humor during this absurdity,

Lori,  aka Penelope Sugarplum