Growing up Jewish, the closest thing we ever had to Santa Claus was the tooth fairy.  Somehow the tooth fairy ALWAYS came when a tooth fell out.  Waking up to coins under my pillow the next morning was nothing short of magic.  How did she get there without my notice? My two childhood loves were Mighty Mouse and the Tooth Fairy.  Mighty Mouse I imagined marrying and flying with him to catch the bad guys.  The Tooth Fairy I just had this sense of how dependable she was with my teeth.  She never forgot a tooth.

When I was 10, my parents went out of town.  They shipped me and my 4 siblings to the Stovers for an eternity of maybe 5 days.  I lost a tooth.  The Tooth Fairy did not come.  I was just dumbfounded to realize the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real.

Do you know how much I still love the Tooth Fairy?   She’s full of surprises right when you first wake up.  How incredible is it to greet the very first moment of waking up to a surprise!

Do you know how much discipline it takes with these adorable kids in 2nd- 5th-grade Writing Clubs I teach every week to not discuss the Tooth Fairy?   It kills me!!!!   But surely someone is going to say, “The Tooth Fairy is not real- it’s your parents.”    And I will NEVER be responsible for turning out the light of believing in the Tooth Fairy.

If you are reading this and have young children, I will share something beautiful you can do in terms of the Tooth Fairy.  My husband was the Tooth Fairy in our family and he wrote these spectacular letters to the kids that went under the pillow… all signed by the Tooth Fairy… Stating how proud the parents were of the child, how smart the child was, what a good job brushing teeth the child did, how kind (wishful thinking) the child was to his sister.. and other general toothy conversation.  Those letters 25 years later are sweet keepsakes.


How could I not leave you with this cutie sea horse from the Atlanta Aquarium.  They float as if in a permanent state of transcendental meditation. You watch sea horses, and you become mesmerized by all the floating.   It’s a good life because the male sea horse carries and delivers the babies! No rushing off to the office for Papa Sea Horse— maybe that’s why he’s so relaxed…