Today I experienced a dear friend’s beautiful creative expression both in a written passage and in musical composition.  Music moves us, but it is rare to be moved by beautiful words and language, perhaps because we move too fast, we process too fast.  In today’s society, words become knives among those with the loudest bullhorn, the talk show commentators, the politicians who disagree without civility.    But the language master can turn individual words into water droplets that form this vivacious waterfall cascading in motion and imagery.  The language master sends you into a moment of flow, of movement, absent of analysis, just absorbing the expression and beautiful symphony of words that fit together melodiously and cohesively. Time stops.

Without doubt, children are language masters until somewhere along the way, they pick up messaging that they are not language masters.

Anything we do that is FUN regarding words, wordplay, word games for children helps plants the seeds that language is a fruit worth baring.

Drudgery can be minimized even by playing with one’s voice if  for example the task is memorizing  the spelling of words.

You do remember this one from your childhood, right?

Bear Bear bo Bear

Banana-nana fo fare

Be- bi – bo- Bear



Tree Tree Bo Bee

Banana- nana fo -fee

Be- bi- bo- bee



Sleep Sleep Bo Beep

Banana-nana- fo feep

Be- bi- bo- beep