A Rock and a Hard Place

Do you find ever yourself between a rock and a hard place?  I would much rather be literally climbing that place, than in a place with no good choice.  School is beginning to open up in some places across the country. Childcare centers are opening quicker than schools.   Many parents are in decision making anguish about the right choice to make for their child. It is amazing how the idea of masks everywhere, even for 2 and 3-year-olds, seemed so preposterous at first.  We see, however, how quickly even the youngest children adjust…. more than adults.

Proactive with precaution but proactive in the body’s ability to heal from sickness

It hurts my heart to hear children say they are afraid to go back to school because of Covid.  We don’t want our children to be fearful, we want them to be proactive with handwashing, masks…. and understand their little bodies have STRONG fighter cells that work hard to ward off BUGS- like the flu, strep throat, coughs and colds. and covid…


Training Classes

Georgia Childcare Resource and Referral is providing 15-20  two hour online trainings a month.   The cost is a reasonable 10.00 per 2 hour training.  If you need training credit, you receive that and if  you are a parent wanting to expand  knowledge across everything from Discipline to Science to Montessori, Biting, and a host of other topics for the 0 – 5 year old crowd,  this is a great resource.  To receive the schedule, go to http://asurams.edu/ccrr/training.php



I have the privilege of working with about 7 groups a week (included 4 girls in China!)  in creative writing classes (online through Zoom).  This week, an image of talking shoes helped children imagine their shoes could talk. When you assign “people” characteristics to something not a person, it is called personification.  The stories were clever with fun conversations coming from the talking shoes.  Try it with your own.   If your children resist writing, give them the idea, and then write it or record it on your phone and type it up.   Verbal language can easily be transcribed into written word … and vwahlah! Your child is an author!