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Raising children is a whirlwind, especially when there are strong-willed children in the mix.

The best of plans can often change on a dime. The unexpected knocks often.  A promise to do something or go somewhere doesn’t happen. The child is angry.  Having some distraction activities helps steer away the tornado when things don’t go as planned.

Sometimes completely changing the subject to something bizarre moves a child off whatever they were stuck on, because you’re suggesting something ridiculous!  A  smart man by the name of Don Mottin shared that the moment his daughter went into a temper tantrum, he went into “acting mode” and said “HOLD ON A MINUTE- Before you have that temper tantrum, take your shoe off and put it on top of the TV!” Doing that action distracted his daughter right out of her tantrum.

Other distractions, even fussing with siblings, can be turned off by a game.

Give your children paper and pencil and tell them to write their name (or other words) backwards and then try to pronounce it.   This is a fun way to gain pronunciation practice due to the unusual spelling of the letters.  Tornado backward is odanrot.  Writing and spoken word games serve double duty- distraction and language development…Bye for now!  Eyb rof won!



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