I live 2 miles from the Chattahoochee River.  Dawn breaks about 630am these days and anytime within the hour, that river is a mist bucket.  There is magic in the mist. Do you feel the magic in nature and in the animal kingdom?  It’s so simple and uncomplicated.   I tell our dog, Xavier that he is lucky to be so simple because people sure are complicated.

This summer, hope you’re able to have some camping opportunities.   Bryson City NC is AWESOME.  You can camp on the river, rent an intertube and ride the river all day long.  Simple and uncomplicated.   It’s a float in some places, and rushing white water in others.  My sister Jody is the best person in the world to camp with.  She’s a great fire starter and a fantastic camper cooker.   We go every summer.  It’s wonderful to not look in a mirror, or care about any of that. Simple and uncomplicated.

Acrostic poems are fun. Here’s one for Simple

S- summertime

i-invites you to be simple

m-morning is for building a breakfast campfire

p-please Jody say yes to Bryson City this summer

l- let’s have a race down the river, but you know I’ll win

e-eagerly awaiting a few days exchanging showers for river tubing