Pumpkin Season

Confession.  I trick-or-treated until getting married at age 28.   Went around to childhood neighborhood, disquised- though most of my friends’ parents would say, “Hey Lori!” when they opened the door.  I loved going up to these houses.   So many memories-  first food fights, first loose tooth being tied to a door knob  and pulled out by Mr. Pearce, first awkward kiss, houses with basements and outdoor cabins where we would spend hours and hours and all summer long listening and singing and dancing to 45’s-  as a group.  Some years as kids we were ambitious for candy collection with those big pillow cases and would change costumes and go around twice.   The teenagers now have smartened up.  They’ve changed out little pumpkin buckets for pillow cases.

What hasn’t changed is the mystery and the thrill of dark Halloween nights.  There’s just something in the air on October 31. Disguises are acceptable on October 31.   You expect them.   You don’t expect costumes on November 15 or May 2.

Hay rides and pumpkins and pumpkin farms.. from torrid heat of summer, to enlivening fresh air of Fall, hail to the pumpkin!  I LOVE FALL! DO YOU?

How many words can you rhyme with pump?

How many words can you rhyme with kin?

Find a rhyme for orange and prove wrong to the millions of those who say, “Nothing rhymes with orange.”