Out of Place

Do you ever stumble into something you just wish could be conveyed by a camera with the same awe as your observation?

This was one of those times.

It was an early morning wake-up and walk to the ocean to view sunrise.

Out of nowhere, unexpected, like a carrot stuck and jutting from atop a steering wheel or a fishing pole rising from a trampoline, this sailboat did not belong here!

The story goes a man lived on the boat, it crashed ashore and he didn’t have the funds to remove it.  The city refuses, the man disappeared, the residents are annoyed, and the first-timers like me are struck by the imagery, the unspoken story, the metaphors this photograph communicates…

What does this say to you?

Out of place and lopsided ( the world of Covid)

Stuck (never a good feeling!)

Get yourself upright!

Nature always Wins/ Nature always Winds


Nurture Writing and you Nurture Thinking

Pictures/Photographs are a wonderful way to think abstractly and to let imagination take over, to play with words and phrases and ideas and see if a story unfolds.

Metaphors and Idioms and Similes are language elements I find children enjoy very much because it stretches their thinking.

I love to hear their interpretations… mostly because they are still concrete thinkers.

When I ask the meaning of, “Don’t have a chip on your shoulder”  they say, “Don’t play with food- potato chips should be eaten, not worn!”

A Complete Resource

Plumdiggity! Developing Student Writers is a 350-page collection of writing ideas, elements, and creative approaches I have written and published.  I love the chapters on idioms and similes and metaphors because it expands thinking – anytime we analyze words and meaning, we expand our understanding of the vast English language.  The student and teacher editions can be seen in greater detail at: