I admit I’m long-winded

It’s never intended

But words sometimes fail in succinctness

It’s hard but I try

To cut words and not cry

I DON’T want your reading extinctness!


Plumdiggity SoundSongs

26 sounds  26 Letters  26 pages of illustrated words.   26 Songs   26 Song Illustrations.

26 Short Stories.   26 Poems and 26 WordPlays.

You are in for a treat with this music.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  good…Starting with the SoundSong Boogie… So many genres across 26 songs- blues, rock and roll, ballad, salsa, jazz, popcorn….!  Thanks to professional musician, composer, and songwriter  Chris Foster of Kansas City, MO.     All I can say is from silky smooth to rumbling rock and roll, the voices, lyrics, melodies and rhythms are not your London Bridges style music… Let’s just say… Hello Oscar!       More great things besides the election are happening in 2020!





Today in Writers Club I had 2 kids who said, “No, I’m not going to do this. I don’t want to.”

It’s a good challenge to try to win kids over with logic instead of authority.

“Here’s your choice, kid.  Do as I say or I toss you out the window.”

Or   “I know you’ve been in school all day.  Tell you what.  Write me a note and tell me why you don’t want to and if you convince me, you don’t have to.  I need 3 good reasons.”

I chuckled as they began writing their notes to me  (thinking “GOTCHA!)


I love this note from Julian.   The things of horror… Bad notes from school!





Today the kids interviewed each other.  It was very peaceful.   They all enjoyed the process and it seemed that friendships budded today. Human beings are social creatures.  It’s a beautiful thing to be one on one with a new friend and explore each other.  We learned about each other’s pets among other things….  The best names of the day…  2 fish named Bubbles and Gills!