In January of 2017 I started taking some drawing instruction and was taught how to look at detail, light, and measurement with eraser in hand.  I drew my hands for two weeks.  People will say, “I could never do that” and “you have talent, blah blah blah” but the only thing I have over someone else is repetition to draw.

No matter what we do, the more we do of it the better we become.

If you put the word “creative” in front of “writing”  you will instantly double the interest and lower the writing resistance of a kid.

Get markers and brown paper bags to write spelling words-  change things up, make it fun. Go to Goodwill and pick up stashes of fancy stationery and paper.

No matter what we do, the more we do of it the better we become.



Imaginations lay latent. Poor underserved process…

That is the GREATEST part of our abilities and horsepower-  Imagination-  It’s like a shy willing -to- be- 2nd- place -to- logic -and reasoning process that is not assertive.

Waiting patiently for an opportunity to emerge.  It loves to come out right before you wake up in the morning.  It loves to come out after it’s been worked in the logic and analytical department all day long.  It’s that daydreamy stuff that lets you go off into never -never or whereever land!

Letter Writing

Today in Writers Club the kids wrote letters to my 98-year-old uncle who is still very mentally sharp. In past years, they have written letters to stroke victims, to my friend who is a professional musician, to my sister who was struck by a car on a bike (she only had minor injury), and to a unit of Marines.   Letter writing really helps with self-expression.

I offer these suggestions for a letter-writing session:  Tell your name and age or grade,  share what your favorite things are in school and outside school, write a joke if you have one, and come up with any kind of question you want to ask.   Did you know I have a special workshop just for schools?   It’s a principal letter writing workshop and I spend 30 minutes in each classroom guiding students in letter writing, i.e. greeting, punctuation, closing, but more importantly, encouraging their opinions with one caveat–   Always come up with a compliment before you launch into your opinions.  These letters give students a voice and principals an earful of what is important to the students!

Take the time….to open a mind!

These letter-writing workshops begin with a song and a lyric sheet to sing along-  that you can hear at called Take Your Time and Open Your Mind.   I LOVE this song! It’s about imagination.  It was written with Chris Foster who produced all vocals and wonderful melodies of the songs of Plumdiggity.

The Compliment

Back to the compliment…. an important skill to learn as a communicator, wouldn’t you say?

I once was in love with a boy from India and he could have swept me away, but he was going to have a traditional marriage arranged by his parents. He had this style of giving a compliment to EVERY  single person he began speaking with – EVERY TIME no matter where, what, or who with.  I saw the glow he created from compliments and it made a lasting impression. The academic skill in these letter writing workshops is learning the form of a letter and how to express one’s self on paper.  The life skill is the power of the compliment.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week and a weekend full of rejuvenation!