Sometimes I wonder why a “mature” adult is always on the lookout for a little harmless mischief?

I went with my three brothers to a UNC-Chapel Hill Men’s Soccer Alumni Weekend. Before inviting all the guys who played Carolina Soccer to the field for a rah rah rah, we all watched a college game from the bleachers.  Unbeknownst to brother David, who loves being in charge and in control, I removed our name tags and gently patted them on his back.  Every added sticker to his back brought I-could-hardly-breathe-laughter.  A woman behind us saw what I was up to and she was roaring with me.   When they called the guys to the field, it was decision time- to tell or not to tell David he was plastered in sibling nametags.  I walked with my brothers out of the bleachers, down the stadium and to the entrance of the field. I continued uncontrollable laughter at my brother’s haphazard sticker back.   David became suspicious.  “Lori, what is it?”

“Oh I’m just flooded with memories of childhood stuff and I’ve got the giggles bad.”

David loves to tell his older sister what to do.

“Lori, you can’t walk on the field with us, sis.”

“I know- I’m just walking you down.  Hey David, I just sent you a picture, check it out.”  So he opens his phone and sees the photo of his back.  I’m in the middle of a throng of once upon a time soccer players, laughing my guts out.   At least I kept his dignity on the field.


We live in serious times with serious societal issues.   It’s just broadcast 24/7 now. The world is tucked into my phone.  I can’t control the planet but I can control what I allow to come into my orbit.  We must protect young children from exposure to fearful events that adults can grow numb to.  For young children, even scenes on tv can impact their sense of safety.  I’ve been a practicing hypnotherapist for over a decade.   Make no mistake.  Children are complete sponges and they miss nothing.    School administrators can become immune to the incredible fear state  doing “lock down drills” presents for young children-  I know because I’ve seen several children in my practice after a lockdown drill.  They are mortified.


Laughter is one of the greatest responses because it floods us with euphoria. Laughter lifts our mood and opens us up to being receptive.  Laughter can unite us with complete strangers.  There.  I’ve justified my insatiable ability to laugh.  Want to have the children in your world give some thought to laughter?   See how many words you can make from the letters in laughter-  there are a ton!  lag hag rag tag lug hug tug rug gale tale heal gear hear tear real teal heal grate… ok  your turn…

The longest word in the English language

I love teaching kids this word in the video below.  It takes a lot of practice to say it fluently.  My son taught it to me in the 6th grade and I admit I WANTED to be able to know it, define, say it fluently, and impress others with it.

Click on the video below.
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Have a beautiful day, where ever you are and make someone laugh today!