Is your house conducive to writing and drawing? Are markers and sharpened pencils with erasers easy accessible?

Are they in multiple rooms and near the kitchen table?

If you have little ones, 5 and under, ask them to make up a story and you write (or type) it as they speak.   Then let them draw to illustrate.   Fold the paper in half, put the drawing as the cover, and call it a book.  There is your little author.  You will be blown away by their stories.

Or if they draw, ask them to tell you the story around it.  Oh will you hear a story!

We are coming out with a 26+ Music CD to help teach reading through A-Z song stories along with lyrics, illustration, fingerspelled letters, sight words and some additional short stories.  It will be out this summer. This one below is about Finny Fin Fin who swam to France and back again.  Michaels has a 50% off coupon most weeks. Stock up on markers and let your children draw draw draw before they start to think that they “can’t.”