Hopping off the Helicopter

To watch your kids handle challenges is never easy. As parents, our natural instinct is to fix and rescue, but it robs our kids of their own abilities to examine options and make decisions to solve problems. We are afraid the world will come to an end if they make a bad decision, but consequences from good and bad decisions have their own lessons of value.

My daughter Randi forced me away from the helicopter universe.   At 5, she refused to go back to dance class though her mother so wanted her daughter in those cute little costumes.  At 18, Randi had a first workplace injustice in which I was frothing at the mouth to go after management, but Randi commanded me not to get involved because SHE would handle it.  That was a tough one! I knew I could get better outcomes.  But she could not be convinced. I had to let it go.

Play a word game with your child.  Take the word H-E-L-I-C-O-P-T-E-R and write as many words as possible with the letters in any order.  Let this activity satisfy future helicopter activity so that your child gets nurtured in independent problem-solving… and you can begin to nurture your confidence in your child’s decision-making abilities.

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