Elephant in the Room

Don’t you just love those day when you can master the impossible or even have a day absent of minor or major  obstacles? The real elephant in the room is always our own thoughts.  Mood is a strong beast.

Tame that Beast

Light a candle, say a prayer, walk outside and smell  nature, listen to a favorite song, do 3 minutes of jumping jacks to release the brain’ s ” feel good” endorphins… Mood is a strong beast..but it can be altered.

Problem Solve

Action to solve problems shifts our sense of loss of control. Children can understand this by a reminder that all math problems have  answers just as life problems have answers.  We just have to tame the emotional beast so that our thinking, problem solving, idea generating brain goes to work.

Notice the tiny word ant in elephant… Tame the ant before it grows into an elephant.  Seek action and solutions.

Challenge this week

Today, I was not particularly paying attention to directions, time, my gas tank…300 miles from my house with 90 miles left to my friend’s house in Charleston. On the phone when PUTTER, STALL, FLASHING CONSOLE LIGHTS, CHOKE, PUTTER, STALL…and stop. I moved onto shoulder of busy I-26. Could be out of gas, tank was on E, but not below E. No low fuel warnings on 2002 models.

Tick Tock

Let’s just say that a 45 minute wait for triple AAA on a busy interstate, still no call back they were on route, 8% phone charge, a mile walk to next exit, and 4:45pm left me feeling out of control. Not to mention AAA won’t let me ride with tow truck because of covid…so now I have to uber or taxi to service station.   l  call for a  private tow in case it wasn’t just gas. Didnt want to pay for a tow..but got over that annoyance.  Mentally preparing I  might have to stay in hotel to get car fixed. Solution over fear is the  best outcome.

Pay Attention to Gas Tanks without Reminder Bells

PS. Just ran out of gas. Tow truck came with gas. Not only that. When I pulled my wallet out and said how much, they said “Up to you..pay us what you can.”  The kind of outcome where you give thanks for the goodness of people.

Problem arose. Problem solved. Fear prevents problem solving. Help the children in your world exercise alternatives and solutions to problems. As you well know, life is in no short supply of problems.