Plumdiggity!   Language is the Ultimate Bridge… or Cliff

Language is everything. Imagine if human beings could not talk!

Language is the ultimate bridge or cliff to communication.

Language is the ultimate bridge or cliff to happiness in living together.

Language is the ultimate bridge that turns misunderstanding into understanding.

Language is created in our minds when we view art, hear music, observe beauty in nature.

How do we encourage language in our homes with our children?

We talk, we joke, we sing, we question, we engage, we challenge, we ask opinions, we read, we read, we read, we read.


Language Games To Fill a Few Minutes

Idioms are fun to explore.  Kids have very different interpretations of idioms.  If you ask a child, what does he/she think “Walk a mile in my shoes means”  they most likely will be literal and ask “What’s wrong with walking in my shoes” or “What for?”     Children are naturally self-centered.   I like this idiom because you introduce EMPATHY, a foreign trait, or a very fleeting trait to most children.

Love Language

If you grow up without hearing the words, I love you, it can be more difficult to say those words as adults.  Three little small words.

Help your children be comfortable in the future!      Everything can be turned into verbal banter… Take turns with fill in the blanks-

“I love you more than _________________________

“If I loved any you more I would grow another ________________

“I love you so much my heart is growing as big as a __________________


Plumdiggity was written in a period of inspiration to delight children thru song, rhyme, story, art and playful voices.   When you have 30 minutes of free time, visit and explore the samples of our Sing with Me, Hear with Me, Rhyme with Me, Sound with Me, and Piano with Me.

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