Adapting to new ways, in time, begins to feel normal… though we can still protest.

My Aunt Syl will be 100 October 2.  She painted this when I was young. I always loved the girl’s attitude.  It spoke different things to me at different periods of life.

Today I appreciate her defiance.   She’s stubborn.  She’s saying, “No!  No, I won’t.  You will not.  I am not going to.  Try to make me- you can’t!”

This is what I say to all the disruption of Covid, a minuscule particle that has turned everything about life as we know it, upside down.

“No, I wont.”     No, I won’t believe this way of life is forever.

“You will not.”   Politics and politicians will not make me think my life, security, and well being are in their control.

“I am not going to.”   I am not going to let myself stop learning, finding lessons, and growing during this craziness.

“Try to make me- you can’t!”    Try to fill me with fear- you can’t!   No, I won’t.  You will not.  I am not going to.


On a lighter note

What is exciting is the world of children.  I get to play a role in helping children discover imagination plus improve writing skills through our creative writing classes.

In addition to local groups, I have the opportunity of teaching 4 Chinese girls in 3rd-5th grade who live in China!  Technology is mindblowing.

This week I showed all my students a picture of an elephant being lifted by an ant and asked them to make up a story about it.

Try it with the children in your world.  Pictures set off imagination with practice.