I think things must be fairly serious in a child’s school day.

It’s pleasant to disrupt the seriousness with some fun and playful.

Meet Happy Hilda. She laughs allllllll the time!

Happy Hilda is part of a 26 song collection to teach early readers.

Children notice EVERYTHING.  (Be careful what you say in front of them)

The above letter was written by second grader Navya and proves she didn’t miss a beat with my mishaps this semester!

With the children in your world, share a funny incident you had growing up.

Why not have everyone write about a fun or funny experience and then share aloud.

Check out Laughter Yoga!  It’s online and very goofy. It’s a good loosening up before the writing begins.

Your in Ha Ha Ho Ho, Hee, Hee, Hee Land!

Lori Sugarman