Writers Club at Barnwell

I had a choice.  Try to force my authority and insist Arol, a 2nd grade boy,  do SOMETHING of what I requested in writing club.

Everything was No. No. No. I’m not doing that. No. No. No.

So I said to Arol, “You know what?  I’m going to let you write your own book.  You can draw with the story.  Anything you want to write about. I can tell you have a lot to share and a story inside that blonde head of yours.”

And with that, walked away.

40 minutes later, he had 3-4 pages with simple precious drawings and speech bubbles on every page- complete with names and introductions, action, and surprises.

Writing allows a child to “call the shots” which is rare in childhood.

Trust me, the boys will love to write about farts.  Who cares?

“No, that is not appropriate,” is something I COULD say.

Who is it not appropriate to?  It’s certainly appropriate to a kid.  A boy.

I am really tempted to open up a Fart Writing Contest for Boys.

That will get every single one of them writing like you’ve never seen!

Give children some freedom to write whatever they want.  If the ‘screen is blank’ and you’ve got a little boy on your hands, I can almost guarantee the suggestion of a fart story will immediately get the wheels turning and the pencil moving.

P.S. You’re reading this from a person who got up in front of 200 people and did a comedy routine about toilet training…

So my filter with bodily functions is stripped naked!