Bryson City, NC Smokey Mountain National Forest, Deep Creek Campground.

HEAVEN on Earth!   My sister Jody and I meet every summer for a few days in the elements.  Street names like Toot Hollow further identify life in Bryson City.  I LOVE THIS PLACE. Cook your food over a fire. (Except it rained ALL weekend so we used a portable grill Jody brought-  all firewood was wet).   We couldn’t even use the campfire gold Jody brought.  What is campfire gold?


Campfire Gold

Kindling that will keep your fire going until you’ve dropped dead from the last s’more.  We left untouched.  The rain was relentless all 3 days.  I know what you’re thinking.  How can you camp and not be miserable when it’s raining, thundering, pounding your tent pitter patter on steroids, and you have to think twice about where you sit and put things anticipating the direction of the wind….?.   It’s called TARPS!!!!   No, it’s not 2008 stimulus money.   It’s glorious blue tarps that save your ___ from becoming a drenched mud bucket rainy prune and allows you to pleasantly watch the howling when while staying dry.   I’m constructing an alter for my TARPS.  They deserve elevation!     SO much more to say, but from the woods  now to New York City we are leaving here in an hour, 5:30 am Tuesday July 16 so I’m going to scoot and leave you with a video I shot once everything was packed up from the campground… It was very hard pulling myself away, so I procrastinated and became the self absorbent commentator of a few of our adventures.  Thank you for reading and listening!    Bryson city video