Next Time Around

When it’s all said and done, I hope to come back next time around as a caterpillar. Caterpillars pay the price to soar.  They have to survive as fuzzy ground-crawling worms, subject to wheels of cars, bicycles, feet, and little boys curious hands.   Survival equals two weeks at the Cocoon Spa for quiet peaceful nothingness.  Please transport me into that cocoon!

I was privy to watching a newborn come into our family this week (my nephew) and see my brother become the first grandparent of us 5 siblings.  Everything’s a metamorphosis, nothing about life stands still.  Some days are easy, some complex.  Some days we anguish in searching our souls, some days bring us to the top of the mountain. Some days we are vibrant with love, some days we are empty.  Writing allows us to do something with all of that emotion, it gives us a tangible outlet to either express, vent, or create something satisfying with our words.


I just read a sleep research book called Sleepyhead and the act of writing down whatever is that keeps you tossing and turning is documented to help you fall asleep.  So after a few minutes (5-10) of tossing and turning, hop out of bed, express your worry in writing, and return to bed, prepared to fall asleep deeply and soundly for the rest of the night.

Journal Journal Journal

For the young people in your world, anything you do to encourage their written expression helps develop the emotional self that we humans have been blessed (or cursed!) with.  If there is a need for a reprimand, ask your child to write their perspective of the incident.  You’ll be surprised at the things they think and write.


Following the cocoon is the miracle of Metamorphosis from a fuzzy worm to a fluttering butterfly who can elevate your spirit,  just by its beauty.

The many metaphors of the caterpillar in life…

Crawling low, ground game, soaring high, turning within and quieting the noise of the world, and eventual change into something so much more than what was.

Caterpillar is a wonderful word to form as many words as you can by using its letters in any order. Cat, tap, tear pear, pill, rap, lap, tip,…. so many more…

You can come up with more words than a caterpillar has legs-

That’s because you already have two wings to soar.