About the Author

Lori Sugarman, M.Ed., authored Plumdiggity! Developing Student Writers.  Over the past fifteen years, she has developed dozens of after-school creative writing clubs in her local school district, working with close to a thousand enthusiastic and reluctant writers in the 2nd– 7th grades.

It started with an invitation from her son’s 3rd-grade teacher to teach a weekly creative writing class.  Twenty-two little people with snaggly missing teeth were writing, concentrating, giggling, and sharing hysterically funny stories.  That was a taste of imagination gold.

As a former school counselor, Lori has always been drawn to emotional health. Her work with children for over a decade as a pediatric hypnotherapist teaches children the power of imagination to make changes, shift attitudes, overcome fears, and develop internal dialogue to nurture self-confidence.

Many pages in Plumdiggity! are intended to promote self-reflection, discovery of imagination, and self-confidence in writing.  The theme of the song-poem “Plumdiggity” is that writing helps us to express, but we must use words to build up, not to shatter. Words matter. Become mindful of words.

Lori’s other writings include short stories, volumes of poetry, a few comedy routines, three children’s plays, a book of lullabies, and the soon to be released series, the Adventures of Penelope Sugarplum and Slim.

She also provides monthly training for early childhood educators in early pre-reading skills, self-regulation through her Playful Yoga program, and sign language to Eric Carle stories. She works with schools to implement Time-to Teach, a classroom behavior management program and writes stories for Phono-Graphix Reading Company. Phono-Graphix is a method that teaches reading based on sound and the developmental logic of a child’s brain.   With the publication of Plumdiggity!, Lori is excited to begin in-school training for teachers and classroom students in the writing methods of Plumdiggity!